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When the going gets tough…

With the current economic state many people are going through financial stretching, cutting down and re-evaluating. Tough times can encourage fear driven saving and unreasonable with-drawls from “unnecessary spending”.

But hold on when was this a sign to stop living?

But sometimes we don’t realise those “unnecessary expenses” provide the break and fresh air we need to function. In these circumstances unhealthy living seems to increase with drinking, smoking and food bars racking in the dough – hey where did your good looking body go?

Why not rather invest in a life giving sport? I have rarely met a person who was sorry they spent a day out on the water. The affects it has had on many people and children has ensure the marine industry success for many years. When we tighten our belts we cannot become house-bound and adventure deprived.

On land we have car pooling –  So why not club boating? Get your friends together and still go out there and enjoy life on the water.

Share the costs and exposed others to this fantastic, fun, adventurous outdoor water sport. You have the serious skier,the extreme wake boarder, the high flying tube rider and the cutting edge knee boarder, not to mention the night time cruises and serene fishing trips.

Who would want to miss out?

Lets end where when the going gets tough the TOUGH GO BOATING!

Boating Dealers – Get Connected!

The service man, the front man, the action man, the all you need in 1 man…

Let me introduce you to:

He is here for  YOU:

The uncertain MAN!

The needing advice MAN…?

The wanting to know more MAN!

The ready to buy MAN!

His dealership represents a welcoming world of marine supplies from boats, covers, water toys, skiing gear, fishing extras and servicing.  He aims to connect with you and satisfactorily meet your needs.

Each dealership either specializes in a particular type of marine area or they cater for a range of interests enabling their shops to be interactive show rooms. It is a great experience to walk around viewing the latest boats and marine products on the floor: check out the colours schemes, seating layout and canopies. Then walk through into the accessories department check your ski style: aggressive or safe / choose life jackets to match your boat / demo fish finders and maybe watch the latest fishing gear video.

Boating exhibitions are even better as they get many dealers under 1 roof for a specified time, allowing you to cover as much ground as possible. Here you can do all the homework you need before making a purchasing decision. These are opportunities not to be missed. Each dealership has most of their staff on site giving you the best selection of people to connect and build a friendship with. You need someone to be able to share knowledge, experience and advice, gain support and a contact to voice when you are dissatisfied.

Nowadays people want more than a fake relationship and a quick sale. You need longevity as your boating experience is a lifelong adventure filled with services, upgrades, accessories, repairs and licensing. Some boating dealers provide testing days, where they enable you to take their products out for a spin. This gives you a good feel for how the vessel rides, what it is capable of and see if its meets your expectations. This also extends the relationship being establish from just a store front to a more relax interactive environment where you are able to see the true colours of the people you will be dealing with in the long run.

Manufacturers empower dealers with product knowledge to enable them to be the best source of information and advice for you. Here you have free advice; expertise and experience all at your disposal so why not make the most of what available to you! Technology has been an absolute gold mine of information providing you with virtual tours through the many dealerships but don’t be lazy. There is more to meet the eye in person than on the PC screen. So get out there, get active and start building those connections!

I look forward to hearing what your experiences have been…


Spearfishermen have their camo wetsuits, hunters their full bush suits, the bush guides have their kaki tac…what could we offer the eco-friendly boater?…

With the increased drive to supporting the environment we have decide to blend in, to assist you with creating as little disturbance to nature as you possibly can. 


Our selection of earth colours in the marine range enable the avid bass fisherman, off-road wheeler and bush lover to be at one with their environment.






We manufacture camo designed canopies, bush green tarps, covers and awnings ensuring you are hidden amongst foliage. Be green even at home with forest green blinds / boat covers /braai covers and furniture covers.

I know many golfing and housing estates require natural looking covers, we can provide you with our “go for green” golf cart dust and storage cover.

Hassle free and colour compliant!




Boating with Friends….


According to research done in the USA by Sea Ray, 60% of clients take their pets on-board between 5 to 15 times a year. Taking this into consideration, Sea Ray got together with Nestle Purina and launched a website designed to cater for this unique market.

Their driving point: “Clients’ needs should be catered for no matter what their requirements. If you make a customer and his companion important, you’ll have a friend for life.”

This new venture brought into effect PAWS, (Pet and Water Safety) which regulates animals on-board marine vessels ensuring their security. Now all four legged boaters are required to wear dog life jackets to avoid animal deaths. Chris Padgett, Vice President of marketing for the Purina brand had this to say: “It’s crucial for pet owners to be aware of the special considerations for pets when they’re around the water and PAWS is a great way to deliver important messages about pet safety.

The website is said to include includes safety tips, articles, contests, and merchandise with the PAWS logo.

Have a look:


Skipper License and C.O.F

The current law in South Africa requires all marine vessels to be SAMSA registered and to have their certificate of fitness approved. A skipper’s license is an essential item – No license means No boating of any kind.

I’ve seen too many boaters turned away in anger and frustration after not having a skippers license.  As the captain of your boat, you need to be aware of the required safety equipment and procedures when operating your boat ensuring the well-being of your passengers and fellow boaters.

Also remember SABS approved life jackets are required by law on all skiers!

In order to do your C.O.F survey, you need to produce a flotation certificate and skipper’s license. With the certificate in hand, skippers license obtained,  relevant SR numbers and contact details visible  on your boat and trailer – you will be finally legal!

Contact your local boating dealer to register for the skipper’s course and to find out more information.


The seasonal holiday seems to have come all too quickly, time passing within the blink of an eye and next year already staring us in the face. The only way to enjoy your time off is to get wet, get tanned and get fit! This Christmas sees Santa trading in his old sleigh for a speed boat!

Life is more fun on the water we say!

Many thanks to all who have supported us throughout the year! We trust you will enjoy your time with family and have a good holiday rest.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New year from us all at FAST SAILS!