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Spearfishermen have their camo wetsuits, hunters their full bush suits, the bush guides have their kaki tac…what could we offer the eco-friendly boater?…

With the increased drive to supporting the environment we have decide to blend in, to assist you with creating as little disturbance to nature as you possibly can. 


Our selection of earth colours in the marine range enable the avid bass fisherman, off-road wheeler and bush lover to be at one with their environment.






We manufacture camo designed canopies, bush green tarps, covers and awnings ensuring you are hidden amongst foliage. Be green even at home with forest green blinds / boat covers /braai covers and furniture covers.

I know many golfing and housing estates require natural looking covers, we can provide you with our “go for green” golf cart dust and storage cover.

Hassle free and colour compliant!




To buy or not to buy – FUEL is the question?

 With the present fuel hikes can you afford not to look at options to lower your fuel usage?


A study in South Africa was done using the Nissan NAVARA driving a 132.8km route using normal driving tactics (overtaking). The trip distance included speed restrictions of 60km, 80-100km and 120km which gave a good range for testing. Without the Tonneau cover the bakkie’s average fuel consumption was 11.08litres while with the Tonneau cover on it dropped to 10.33litres – a 7% SAVING!

This is equivalent to 0.65 per litre.

Other independent tests done by SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) have shown that on average you need to be driving over 100km/hr before you would get the fuel saving benefit. For normal everyday travelling at kilometers below 100km the air resistance is not enough affect the fuel consumption greatly.





Here is a formula enabling you to see and calculate you’re saving thus proving the benefit of buying a Tonneau cover.











*It is important to note that there are many factors that affect your vehicle fuel usage: driver, vehicle, load, terrain etc… But if you are able to save fuel, the accumulative total over time would work in your favour!*