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When the going gets tough…

With the current economic state many people are going through financial stretching, cutting down and re-evaluating. Tough times can encourage fear driven saving and unreasonable with-drawls from “unnecessary spending”.

But hold on when was this a sign to stop living?

But sometimes we don’t realise those “unnecessary expenses” provide the break and fresh air we need to function. In these circumstances unhealthy living seems to increase with drinking, smoking and food bars racking in the dough – hey where did your good looking body go?

Why not rather invest in a life giving sport? I have rarely met a person who was sorry they spent a day out on the water. The affects it has had on many people and children has ensure the marine industry success for many years. When we tighten our belts we cannot become house-bound and adventure deprived.

On land we have car pooling –  So why not club boating? Get your friends together and still go out there and enjoy life on the water.

Share the costs and exposed others to this fantastic, fun, adventurous outdoor water sport. You have the serious skier,the extreme wake boarder, the high flying tube rider and the cutting edge knee boarder, not to mention the night time cruises and serene fishing trips.

Who would want to miss out?

Lets end where when the going gets tough the TOUGH GO BOATING!