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Spearfishermen have their camo wetsuits, hunters their full bush suits, the bush guides have their kaki tac…what could we offer the eco-friendly boater?…

With the increased drive to supporting the environment we have decide to blend in, to assist you with creating as little disturbance to nature as you possibly can. 


Our selection of earth colours in the marine range enable the avid bass fisherman, off-road wheeler and bush lover to be at one with their environment.






We manufacture camo designed canopies, bush green tarps, covers and awnings ensuring you are hidden amongst foliage. Be green even at home with forest green blinds / boat covers /braai covers and furniture covers.

I know many golfing and housing estates require natural looking covers, we can provide you with our “go for green” golf cart dust and storage cover.

Hassle free and colour compliant!




A fisherman scorned…

A Denmark farmer has recently been charged and sentenced for 6 years after he and his accomplice (let’s call him Sole) set off a bomb that destroyed three fishing boats and damaging a pleasure boat in Kewaunee’s Salmon Harbour Marina in September 2009.
Sloma and Sole were unhappy with charter boat owner L.A. as he had turned Sole over to the DNR* for overfishing. They came up with an ingenious plan to make L.A. pay for ratting on Sole, they were going to blow up his boat. No small feat and so required research, experimentation and planning. Sloma, using the vast information available on the internet made up some home-made pipe bombs and tested them on his farm.

To his misfortune the initial bomb did not have a long enough fuse and he was not able to get away quick enough which lead to him being hit in the head by flying shrapnel. Sloma determined to not let that happened again ensured that the final pipe bomb would have at least a 2 foot fuse and not a mingy 3 inch.

This gave Sloma plenty of time to plant the pipe bomb in cabin of L.A.’s fishing charter: Trout scout. In fact he had so much time that he was able to drive away without hearing or seeing the explosive devastation he would create.

The inferno set 2 adjacent fishing charter boats alight as well as affecting a pleasure yacht on a neighbouring jetty. After the flames died down and the ash settled, the bare hulls of 3 boats remained: Trout Scout, Predator and Peanuts IV. Lucky to still be around, Crown Royal was still intact, but suffered major heat damage.

Months would go by without locals and tourist being able to charter, leaving the owners “sunk” with no boat and a hole in their monthly revenue.

3 beautiful boats destroyed in unnecessary revenge. Lesson to learn: If you’re going be stupid you’re going to get caught!

*Department of Natural Resources