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Spearfishermen have their camo wetsuits, hunters their full bush suits, the bush guides have their kaki tac…what could we offer the eco-friendly boater?…

With the increased drive to supporting the environment we have decide to blend in, to assist you with creating as little disturbance to nature as you possibly can. 


Our selection of earth colours in the marine range enable the avid bass fisherman, off-road wheeler and bush lover to be at one with their environment.






We manufacture camo designed canopies, bush green tarps, covers and awnings ensuring you are hidden amongst foliage. Be green even at home with forest green blinds / boat covers /braai covers and furniture covers.

I know many golfing and housing estates require natural looking covers, we can provide you with our “go for green” golf cart dust and storage cover.

Hassle free and colour compliant!




Rules on the water – What are you expected to know?

A few basic reminders:

Be aware of restricted areas: boats only/ jet ski’s Only / ski course access areas / fishing only / wildlife sanctuaries / sailing as well as NO wake zones.

Which direction? Most dams and rivers work on the anti-clockwise route but always confirm before you go out onto the water. Also give way to boats already on the water.

Skier in the water waiting to go, tow line dragging or skier off – RED FLAG UP!

Know the riding capacity of your boat and keep within the maximum number. Be aware of your boat’s limits to reduce putting lives at risks and avoiding fines!

Navigation lights – Red / Green bow lights enable you to identify which side of the boat is coming towards you. Just remember “Port is Red but not right“. Port (red)is therefore the left-hand side of the boat leaving starboard (green) being the right-hand side of the boat.

Emergency equipment: Anchor, 3m Anchor chain, 50m Anchor rope, 1.5 kg fire extinguisher, Galvanised bailing bucket, 2 Oars, First aid kit, Capsize rope (1.1/2 length of your boat), Tool kit, Spares, Alternative steering (unless you have a tiller arm motor)

So get smart on the water and be aware of others!

Boating with Friends….


According to research done in the USA by Sea Ray, 60% of clients take their pets on-board between 5 to 15 times a year. Taking this into consideration, Sea Ray got together with Nestle Purina and launched a website designed to cater for this unique market.

Their driving point: “Clients’ needs should be catered for no matter what their requirements. If you make a customer and his companion important, you’ll have a friend for life.”

This new venture brought into effect PAWS, (Pet and Water Safety) which regulates animals on-board marine vessels ensuring their security. Now all four legged boaters are required to wear dog life jackets to avoid animal deaths. Chris Padgett, Vice President of marketing for the Purina brand had this to say: “It’s crucial for pet owners to be aware of the special considerations for pets when they’re around the water and PAWS is a great way to deliver important messages about pet safety.

The website is said to include includes safety tips, articles, contests, and merchandise with the PAWS logo.

Have a look: www.petandwatersafety.com