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Get a Boat Cover Quote!

Looking for a boat cover an be quite daunting when you have no idea were to start. Let me give you a few details that will be required when asking for a quotation:

  • What is the model?
  • Make and type of boat is it?
  • What is it’s length? - Unsure: measure from the nose down the centre of the boat / over a windscreen / console to get an accurate measurement to the transom area.
  • What is it’s breadth? (widest point)
  • Do you have any known extras that might be important: ski pole / wake tower / roll bar / trolling motor / bow rails get

No matter what type of boat you have – simple to measure or the more complicated the basic width and length is sufficient.



Providing this information will ensure that you are not left scrounging around for details when chatting to people on quotes. Here you can be confident and assured of accurate pricing.


Here’s looking to making you another covered customer!




Boat Preservation!

Imagine standing outside exposed for 1 full day – taking on weather elements as they come. No protection just you and the clothes on your back.

What would you look like? How long would you last without protection?

Let’s take a look at what you could experience:

A sudden burst of rain pouring down from the heavens, soaking to the core – fun on a hot summer days :) but a real freeze in winter :( The perfect ecosystem created to house moss and fungus in the dam of your clothes and maybe even a few mushrooms in your shoes.

 What about a little bit of dust, settling on your shoulder, just enough to bring out the hay fever in you. Even the finest layer can cause  a major damper on anyone’s colour scheme. You trade in clean and new for rustic and coated.

Let us not forget the prevailing wind that appears out of nowhere to blow your hair back and around. A tornado of leaves swirl around your feet, slapping at legs – an naturally painful exfoliater… real romantic story… 

Feeling uncomfortable yet?

 Well don’t take your shirt off in case of a hail storm. The little red marks that remain from a hail encounter are not pleasant.  Imagine a million paint balls falling from the sky with vicious velocity awaiting a helpless target (yes…You!). Unprotected you try dodge them – virtually impossible.

 Finally the onslaught ends with a break of sunshine – yes the end in near! The bright sun dries up all the rain leaving you feeling hopeful. Unfortunately the hot sun has no limit to the temperatures it will go to pity a poor soul subjected to its harmful rays. You skin begins hardened by the dust left behind, causing cracks in your face, legs and arms. You feel the stretch of your flesh as the heat expands your body, shades of red appear and little heat weaves radiate and you can barely hold off any longer….

Why would anyone want to subject themselves to this, especially when protective items are available? : hat / umbrella / suntan lotion / water ensuring your complete outdoor protection!

Why then do we abandon and neglect our boats, jet ski, outboard motors golf carts, jacuzzi to fend the harmful weather conditions by themselves. Unable to provide their own protection they look to us to ensure they are kept in good nick, to give us the life enjoyment we paid for! 

Our weather conditions exposure of marine and auto vehicles to disintegration:         coatings peal, dust eats away at upholstery, fungus takes residence in the carpeting, glue comes unstuck, rubber begins to warps, scratches appear on glossy coatings and fading occurs.

SOLUTION! Invest in a boat cover, engine cover, canopy, tonneau cover – something that will take the punishment, something affordable, something that is made to guard against and with stand the elements that come your way!

Boat Cover protection – its the only way!


Rules on the water – What are you expected to know?

A few basic reminders:

Be aware of restricted areas: boats only/ jet ski’s Only / ski course access areas / fishing only / wildlife sanctuaries / sailing as well as NO wake zones.

Which direction? Most dams and rivers work on the anti-clockwise route but always confirm before you go out onto the water. Also give way to boats already on the water.

Skier in the water waiting to go, tow line dragging or skier off – RED FLAG UP!

Know the riding capacity of your boat and keep within the maximum number. Be aware of your boat’s limits to reduce putting lives at risks and avoiding fines!

Navigation lights – Red / Green bow lights enable you to identify which side of the boat is coming towards you. Just remember “Port is Red but not right“. Port (red)is therefore the left-hand side of the boat leaving starboard (green) being the right-hand side of the boat.

Emergency equipment: Anchor, 3m Anchor chain, 50m Anchor rope, 1.5 kg fire extinguisher, Galvanised bailing bucket, 2 Oars, First aid kit, Capsize rope (1.1/2 length of your boat), Tool kit, Spares, Alternative steering (unless you have a tiller arm motor)

So get smart on the water and be aware of others!

CHOICES! CHOICES! – How to choose the right boat cover

So you have finally saved up enough to reach for your dream boat…carefully selected the type, colour and extras you desired. You go to choose a boat cover; this seemingly unimportant item, in the overall deal, is really the final touch to the overall package and protection for your investment.


What does FAST SAILS have to offer?


The type of environment your boat is kept in plays a vital role in the selection of a cover. Here are the descriptions of each cover we offer to assist you in making the right decision:

  • Storage cover / Night Frill – 400grm PVC, fully waterproof, storage only for dust protection.
  • HD cover – 550grm PVC, fully waterproof, storage and towing capabilities, long life span, durable, value for money, well-liked cover
  • Easy Rinse cover – Available on request!
  • Fire Retardant cover  – Life boats, sea safety gear protection
  • Ultra Lite cover – Polyester, UV protected, silicon coating for anti-fungal / mildew, self-repair (nicks / small holes), water-resistant
  • Premier cover – Imported marine canvas: Cleangard treated – rot proof, water resistant, anti staining, maximum water repellency, Sunacryl high colour retention.

We offer you a range of colours within each material product. Certain PVC colours do have a longer life expectancy due to their ability to block the sun’s radiation waves. Our most popular colours are Dove Grey and Dark Blue.

We are able to supply covers in high visibility colours for ski boats, runabouts and jet skis. These colours are also used for ski flags, T-Tops, warning flags, fire hydrant bags and any emergency equipment. When choosing a colour we suggest considering your upholstery, surroundings and overall feel you would like your boat to have. Otherwise a neutral cover is always a winner.

Once decided, you can be assured that our cover protects the pride and joy of a machine which generates fond memories: family fun days, fishing adventures, cruises at sunset and some extreme boating!