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Welcome to our bakkie page! Read on how we can save you fuel with our tonneau covers, provide inside storage goods with our security covers and custom travel covers for bakkie frames.

We have a range of vehicles that we supply a Traditional designed cover for that has stood the test of time. The tonneau covers offer weather protection, reduce fuel and enable you havee xtra storage when traveling. Our bakkie bin covers have been through the harshest of climates, over vast terrains and across our urban roads. So whether you are an avid traveler or urban commuter our cover will be faithful to its end. Our kits come complete with all bows, clips, rivets and shock cord required for a DIY fit.

We supply LWB, SWB Double Cab, Club & Extended Cab, bakkies in a custom, roll bar or ab protector style.



Bakkie frame covers for personnel weather protection in traveling, – roll up sides, clear windows made t o fit snug in our auto vinyl and rib stock canvas. These include fully enclosed golf cart covers, used when playing in bad weather – mobile shelter. We also do the top cover for the off-road 4 wheeler cages, sun protection when enjoying the outdoors.

Auto covers to suit your specific need. tool bags,spare wheel protection with a personal touch, triangle bags, skottle braai covers, winch covers, roll bar protectors, motorbike covers, 4 wheeler storage covers, abnormal roll bar or cattle rail, we can make a tonneau cover to suit your required dimensions. We can modify existing covers for aftermarket roll bars and provide a re-stitching service to those covers who need a little TLC.