To buy or not to buy – FUEL is the question?

 With the present fuel hikes can you afford not to look at options to lower your fuel usage?


A study in South Africa was done using the Nissan NAVARA driving a 132.8km route using normal driving tactics (overtaking). The trip distance included speed restrictions of 60km, 80-100km and 120km which gave a good range for testing. Without the Tonneau cover the bakkie’s average fuel consumption was 11.08litres while with the Tonneau cover on it dropped to 10.33litres – a 7% SAVING!

This is equivalent to 0.65 per litre.

Other independent tests done by SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) have shown that on average you need to be driving over 100km/hr before you would get the fuel saving benefit. For normal everyday travelling at kilometers below 100km the air resistance is not enough affect the fuel consumption greatly.





Here is a formula enabling you to see and calculate you’re saving thus proving the benefit of buying a Tonneau cover.











*It is important to note that there are many factors that affect your vehicle fuel usage: driver, vehicle, load, terrain etc… But if you are able to save fuel, the accumulative total over time would work in your favour!*

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    1. Veronica Willington Post author

      Hi Bongani,

      Thanks for your contact. Here are the prices are following:

      T/cover SWB or D/Cab Custom or with Cab protector R980
      with roll bar R1150

      T/cover LWB Custom or with Cab protector R1150
      with roll bar R1300.

      If we do not have stock, manufacture is 4 days from order. Please send through details and order confirmation to

      Lets get you covered!


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